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1. Purpose
Metal End Fittings are assembled to both the core rod for purpose of transmitting mechanical loads to the core,which are used for composite suspension、pin、post、cross arm insulators etc.
2. Main shape
Ball end fittings 、 socket end fittings 、 pig 、 hook end fitting 、 clevis end fitting 、 tongue end fittings 、 thimble end fittings 、 hook eye-link end fittings etc.
3. Metal end fittings material and standard
Metal end fittings are ductile iron in accordance with ASTM A536.all the surface of the end fittings to be exposed to environmental conditions are galvanized in accordance with ASTM A153.
Both top and bottom fittings are of forged fittings in High Voltage Insulators, whose tensile strength, elongation, impact strength, melting temperature etc. are best suited for silicon rubber insulators for erecting in harsh polluted environments. Sharp corners have been avoided so as to avoid corona.
There are two methods for metal fittings,one is forging,the other is casting.
Our steel castings produced by the Lost Wax process can replace many forgings with much more economical products. The process is ideal for forgings requiring internal cavities or shapes that have to be machined from the initial raw forging.
In addition to economy, the castings offer a number of advantages:
» They are far more accurate than forgings
» The accuracy is constantly reproducible as there is no die wear. In forgings, as the die wears, finish and accuracy suffer until the die is re-sunk.
» There is no joint line.
» Die costs per unit are a fraction of forging die costs.
»This process is ideal for thin walled products.
» Special steel alloy can be used for casting for higher strength and charpy property, quenching and temper heat treatment can give fine micro structure similar to forging, proof testing to guarantee no internal major defects.
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